"Hi Danni and the rest of the team I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my wedding dress. Obviously this is a very important dress (the most important, in fact!) and the alterations you made were so perfect. I was so comfortable and happy in the dress on the day and I can’t thank you enough! The wedding was in January in South Africa on a wine farm and then we had a little ‘day after’ shoot on the beach – so I got to get back into my dress :) Danni – as promised, here are a few photos :) Love Shanon"


"I had a job interview the following week and needed my out of shape and out of size suit turned into something wearable. I was going for my first major job and so didn't have a significant budget and would have struggled to afford a dramatic improvement. Raul and his tailors went all out to accomodate me and went out of their way to provide me with a phenominal transformation for an unbelievable price. The service, skill level and finish was top class and provided me with a suit which I'd be proud to wear anywhere. I truly couldn't recommend Alterations Boutique enough after the superb way I (and my suit) was dealt with. Oh, and I got the job."


"My wedding dress needed alterations (widening at the back and making it a bit smaller at the top at the front). They have done a wonderful job. It now fits fabulous and I am very happy, looking forward to the big day."


"I came across Alterations Boutique whilst researching tailors who provided home visits for my boss, who has little time to attend to. The reviews here looked fantastic and following an initial email, I received a call within 2 hours. Impressed with the website and the aesthetic of the shop, he decided to pay a visit to the team and liaised with Raul. After the first consultation the team were able to turn around incredible alterations within 48 hours. To say my boss is exacting is an understatement; under his own admittance he is OCD about most things. He has Facebooked/Tweeted his praise for the company recommending to all of his friends, and would like to pass it on to others here! On Facebook: 'This place gets a 11/10 and a SEAL of approval, had forgotten such professional and friendly service even existed in Manchester, highly recommended'."


"The decoration of the shop is very beautiful and it has a lovely style with beautiful mirrors and wall-paper, making this a special experience. I felt confident to leave me wedding dress in their care. People are very friendly and helpful and it was an enjoyable and memorable experience to go for the fittings."


"Really lovely people! I had my wedding dress altered here, and I am very happy with the result! I will be back here again should I need anything else altering, will be recommending to my friends as well."


"What a lovely shop! I had my wedding dress shortened and it came out absolutely perfectly - just lets my shoes peep out of the bottom and is exactly 1/2" off the floor all the way around."

"The shop itself is beautifully decorated and on a pretty little street. There are ample thick black velvet curtains around the dressing room, too, so you're never left feeling like someone's going to see in.

And, unlike a lot of shops, the people here actually seem to understand real customer service. I'll certainly be coming back."


"I cannot express how happy I am with the alterations to my Wedding Dress. Alterations Boutique filled me with confidence as soon as I spoke with them on the phone to book my appointment to the moment I picked up my dress at my final fitting. I cannot recommend them enough!"