Essential coats for your autumn/winter wardrobe

Essential coats for your autumn/winter wardrobe

Four must-have coats and jackets

Every year when the new season comes it’s so easy to pop into a shop and see all the new styles out and convince yourself you need to buy a new coat. Rather than over consume and end up with too many coats and jackets in your wardrobe, stick to these four must-haves and you’ll be sorted year-round.

A leather jacket

Whether it be biker style, a blazer, or a shacket, having some form of leather jacket in your wardrobe is a must. A leather jacket can be worn with just about anything and be dressed up or dressed down. It also suits so many different styles, so whether you’re looking to be chic and stylish or cool and edgy, the leather jacket is for you. They’re really versatile and easy to throw on top of what you’re wearing, elevating the look rather than taking away from it.

Something smart

A smart coat or jacket is something you can put on top of an outfit and not make you look underdressed. Whether you prefer a duster jacket or a trench coat, having one that looks smart and sophisticated makes keeping warm on fancier occasions a lot easier. You want to make sure your smart jacket fits you well so you don’t look like you’re drowning in it. Having this jacket altered can make all the difference to how sophisticated you look, and we would say it’s definitely worth doing to make you look extra smart.

A denim jacket

Denim is a staple in everyone's wardrobe, and that’s no different when it comes to jackets. A denim jacket is a great casual piece to have for the warmer months, but can also be great in autumn and winter if you layer it on top of a cosy jumper. They’re also perfect for when the season changes and you don’t quite know how thick or thin of a jacket you’re going to need. Denim jackets can last you a lifetime if you look after them, and you can get them in all sorts of different designs to find one that suits your personal style. 

Something warm 

Although coats are definitely part of a fashion statement, it’s important to remember they are also really there to keep you warm. This is especially essential in winter, you want to make sure you have a reliable coat that you can throw on and stay warm while knowing you still look great! There are so many different styles of warm coats out there, there’s the puffer, woolly, parka, whatever you go for just make sure it’s something you love and it’s nice and cosy. Stick with neutral colours such as black, navy, olive, grey, or even burgundy to make sure you can wear it year after year.


If you have these four coats and jackets in your wardrobe then there’s really no need to buy any more. Instead invest in fewer quality items, and you can even get them altered for a better look.

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