Fashion Trends for Spring 2023

Fashion Trends for Spring 2023

Five fashion trends we’re expecting for Spring 2023

As we near the end of February and get closer to warmer and longer days it’s just about time we start thinking about what trends we’ll be seeing throughout spring. Fashion is always six months ahead, so we have a good idea of what to expect from spring/summer 2023 thanks to the fashion shows back in September. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite trends from these shows and what we expect to see as the most popular trends this spring.

Sheer layers

Turns out layering isn’t just for autumn and winter and we’ll be seeing plenty of it in the warmer months too with some sheer pieces. We’ve been seeing sheer fabrics growing in popularity over the last few years, but no more so than in 2023. From dress overlays that you can wear over a simple slip or a sheer bodysuit that you wear over a bralette, there’s so much versatility with sheer pieces. 

Low-rise waist

This has been coming for a while now but it seems this year the trend is back in full swing, say hello to the nineties low waist trend again. After years of high-rise being the go-to, it seems that fashion has gone in full circle once again and people are instead opting for things in a low-rise style. Whether it be jeans, skirts or shorts, opt for some low-rise items in your wardrobe this spring.

Shimmering sequins

While we’re used to seeing lots of sequins in December, it looks like spring 2023 is bringing the shimmer with it too. Instead of the darker jewel tones we see in winter though expect to see sequins in a light colour palette, such as pale pinks, nudes and pastels to perfectly match spring. Sequins are fun all year round, so we’re really looking forward to seeing more of them this spring, especially after a long cold winter.

Tailored piece

The winter is all about keeping warm, and with that we see a lot of loose fitted items that you layer to keep all the heat in. That means that spring is the perfect time to break out of the baggy clothes and show off your shape with tailored pieces. We see blazers and suit trousers come back into popularity every spring, but this year especially we’re expecting to see a lot of tailored items out and about.

Colour, colour and more colour

It’s no secret that after a dark winter people want to experiment and break out of deeper shades, but this year we’re seeing even more colour than we expected. Two colours that are looking to be particularly popular in spring 2023 are cobalt blue and candyfloss pink. We saw plenty of pieces in these shades on the runway and are expecting high street brands to take inspiration from these colours as well.

Trending pieces for Spring

We’re definitely ready to say goodbye to the colder months and hello to these trends for spring. Keep an eye out for these trends popping up over the next few months.

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