How to Take in a Dress: Creating the Perfect Dress for You

How to Take in a Dress: Creating the Perfect Dress for You

Knowing how to take in a dress can make all the difference, if it is done correctly.

When it comes to dresses, the key is how it fits. Dresses we buy from high-street shops are made to standard UK sizes, categories we do not all fit in to. It is common that we go shopping for a dress and find one size fits in some areas and not the others, which can be extremely frustrating when you thought you had found the perfect outfit. This is where knowing how to take in a dress comes in! When something fits you flawlessly, you look and feel great. Alterations can turn a standard dress into the perfect outfit for you.

There are many alterations that can be made to a gown to achieve your desired result. If you’re looking for experts who know how to take in a dress, then keep reading to find out what we can do for you!

Adjust the hem

Typical off the rack dresses are designed for people who are around 5’5” or 5’6”, so changing the length can make a big difference for those of us who don’t fit this category. Adjusting the hem is a simple alteration that can make a large difference. Shortening or lengthening your dress to fall at the desired place on your legs can create a much more flattering silhouette. Adjusting the hem is easy for our trained specialists to do, quickly pinning the dress into the perfect position and changing the length.

Alter the side seam

All our bodies are different. There are typical size categories we all slightly slot in to, but the fact is that no one fits perfectly into these sizes. Whether it’s the top or bottom of your body, something could fit better. For example, if you feel like something fits perfectly on your hips but is too large on your bust, don’t let this put you off purchasing the dress you love. Instead, bring it to dress alterations specialists who know how to take in a dress professionally, Alterations Boutique Manchester are known for their flowless work.

Shorten straps

With strappy dresses, once again if you’re not in the typical height category it is likely that your dress straps will either be too long or too short. On occasion the straps are adjustable, though this is not always the case. There are times where you are stuck with a strap that is the wrong length, which is where alterations come in. Our alterations team know exactly how to take in a dress and can fit the straps to your desired length, creating a dress that falls effortlessly onto your body.

Take in the sleeves

When dresses come with sleeves, it’s important to make sure they fit you right. There’s nothing worse than a dress perfectly fitted to your body, with baggy sleeves that are too long for you. When we take in your dress we will look at how it fits you everywhere, including the sleeves. This is a tricky task to do. Luckily, our seamstresses have been practicing for years and will be able to fit your sleeves perfectly to you.

Contact us for specialist treatment from professionals who know how to take in a dress!

Alterations can be tricky business, which is why it is best to leave it to the experts. Here at Alterations Boutique we have decades of experience in offering our clients exceptional services. If you have a dress that is in need of some alterations, contact us today! Our expert seamstresses will be able to whip your dress into shape in no time.

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