How to Take up Trousers

How to Take up Trousers

How to Take up Trousers at Alterations Boutique Manchester

If you are looking for a quick fix to trousers that are too long, follow our steps to taking up your trousers! Sewing sounds easier than it is, so you definitely want to try this out on an old pair of trousers and save your favourites for the professionals, but it’s always good to give something new a go. Keep reading for the 4 step process of taking up your trousers.


Steps to Taking up Your Trousers

Step 1 - Unpicking

The first step to getting the new length of your trousers is to remove the hem that is currently in place. The fastest way to do this is with a stitch unpicker, which also helps to ensure you won’t damage any of the actual material. Scissors are another option if you don’t have access to a unpicker, but you need to be careful not to snag any of the material on the trousers and just remove the stitching. Once you have done this, unfold the material so it hangs to its full length. Iron them to remove the fold that will be in place from the previous hem.

Step 2 - Measuring

To find the new length of your trousers, you need to put them on with an appropriate height pair of shoes that you plan on typically wearing with these trousers. If you hem trousers without shoes on, you are likely to make them too short and not get the desired fit you were looking for. Using a full-length mirror, fold up the hem inside the trousers to the desired length and adjust until it is at a length you are happy with. Once this is done, you can match both legs and then pin them in place. When you have pinned the trousers appropriately you will be able to take off the trousers without disturbing the length. 

Step 3 - Assess & Iron

Once the trousers are taken off, you can assess the length and check that the two legs match properly as you want them to both fall at the same point. When you are 100% happy with the length, iron your trousers with the new fold to create a new crease that will give you a line to follow for your new hem. Iron around the bottom edge, removing your pins as you go. Repeat with the other leg. If you are worried about making mistakes, this would be another good time to try the pants on again and take a second look in the mirror.

Step 4 - Sew

The final step is to sew your trousers. This can be done by hand or with a machine, depending on what you have access to and your skill level. You want to choose a thread colour that closely matches the colour of your trousers so that it blends in well and doesn’t draw attention to itself. Begin stitching 1/8 inch from the top of the hem and go all the way around, you want the trousers to be inside out while you stitch them. Make sure you tie off the end of your thread to avoid it unravelling. 

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Sometimes taking up trousers yourself can be a quick fix, though if you want good alterations that are guaranteed to look great and last, seek help from a professional seamstress. Alterations Boutique Manchester offer a range of alterations, including shortening trousers, to get you the perfect fitted trousers.


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