Keep yourself warm this winter with layers

Keep yourself warm this winter with layers

How to successfully pull off the layering trend

When the weather gets colder it’s important to keep yourself warm, and the best way to do this is by adding some layers to your clothing. Wearing layers can be fashionable while also keeping you warm, as long as you do it right! You no longer need to just think about adding as much material as possible without caring about what you look like, there's a way to do it while still sticking to fashion trends. Keep reading for some tips on layering up while staying fashionable this winter.

Get out your summer dresses

Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the dresses you have in your wardrobe. This year we’ve seen more people wearing their summer dresses throughout the year than ever before, the only difference is the addition of layering to make the dress look more seasonally appropriate while keeping you warm. Wearing a long sleeve top or turtleneck underneath your dress creates the perfect winter outfit while also using what you have rather than feeling the need to buy more clothes. Another way to layer is adding a jumper on top of the dress so that it looks more like a skirt and also adds another layer of warmth.

Add a sweater vest

Over the past few years sweater vests have only grown in popularity and are beginning to be an autumn/winter staple piece. They’re perfect for layering as that’s essentially the entire point of a sweater vest. They’re super simple to style and also elevate your outfit while adding some more warmth to your body. The most popular way to wear it is with long sleeves underneath, but have a play with some of your outfits in your cupboard and you’ll find your favourite way to style them.

Wear a turtleneck under your jumper

Every year we see most people matching a turtleneck with a jumper and there’s a very good reason why: it keeps you nice and warm! Not only does it keep you warm, but you can get some really great outfit combinations by wearing these two together. While you might not see as much of the layer with this combination, the peak of the turtleneck at the top adds another dimension to the outfit.

Finish it off with a blazer

Adding a blazer at the end of the outfit is a great way to add one last layer while also sticking to a stylish look. Blazers are a classic, so they go with almost anything, and having this as another layer will help to keep you nice and warm. Go up a size when purchasing your blazer so you can make sure that the layers you want to wear will fit well underneath.

Layering is a classic autumn and winter staple, and this year is no different. Play around with these different types of layers and you’ll be amazed at all the different styles you can come up with.

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