Top tips to keep warm outside this winter

Top tips to keep warm outside this winter

Fashion secrets to keeping warm outside

The cold weather is well and truly here, and there’s nothing worse than going outside and being absolutely freezing cold. It can be easy to forget how cold it gets in these winter months, and while you want to still be able to go outside you need to make sure that you keep yourself nice and wrapped up so you don’t get out there and spend the entire time shivering and wanting to get inside as soon as possible. Lucky for you we’ve put together a few ways you can use your clothes to help you keep warm, while still staying fashionable. Keep reading for our fashion secrets to help keep you warm outside.

Discreet layering

Layering is one of the easiest ways to make sure you keep warm in winter. This doesn’t have to be obvious either, there are a lot of ways to do layers without anyone really knowing. Long sleeve tops and leggings underneath outfits mean you don’t have to change how your outfit looks from the outside, but on the inside, you will be feeling a lot warmer. If you’re opting for a dress or skirt, who says you can only wear one pair of tights? Make sure you go for a thicker pair and then consider wearing more than one pair, nobody else will be able to tell but it will help you deal with the chilly weather a lot better.

Warming accessories

Hats, gloves, scarves - make sure you wear the lot! There’s no point covering up the rest of your body if you leave certain areas out for the cold to reach. Keeping your head, neck, and hands covered will make a huge difference to how warm you feel and really help to keep your body heat inside your clothing without any areas for it to escape. You can get some really stunning sets as well so they’ll all be matching and fashionable, adding to your look rather than taking anything away from it.  

Lined coats

Coats are arguably one of the most important pieces when it comes to keeping warm outside in winter, but making sure you have the right coat is really important. You want to try to find one with some thick lining to help to keep you warm, adding an extra layer to your outfit and protecting you from the cold. Faux fur-lining is one of the most popular options as it’s really soft on the inside but also great for insulation to keep your body heat in and the cold out. 

There’s no need to be cold when there are so many ways to stay fashionable and, most importantly, keep yourself nice and warm. Adding some extra layers and accessories to keep you warm will make a really big difference, and while it may feel like a small change you’ll be thankful when you step outside and feel a lot warmer than you would without them. 

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