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Shirt Alterations

With over 35 years of experience, Alterations Boutique has become Manchester’s leading experts in Shirt Alterations and RestylingIf you are not quite happy with the general fit of your outfit there is a number of modifications our highly experienced tailors can carry out to improve it. Our alterations experts can perform a full range of clothing alterations from sleeve shortening to complex modifications like shirt restyling. The quality of our workmanship is unlike any other - our experienced tailors will pay close attention to making sure that the thread colour, stitch pattern as well as any other detail are matched perfectly. We can also accommodate any bespoke requests when it comes to Shirt Alterations and improve the fit by, for example, adding darts. Whether we are performing a simple tweak or a complex alteration to your outfit the end result will compliment your body shape, with attention to your taste and style.  


Shirt Alterations:


  • Add rear Shirt Seams for a fitted 'V' Shape

  • Narrow Shoulders

  • Shorten / Lengthen Sleeves

  • Shorten / Lengthen Shirt



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Why choose us?

With over 35 years of experience, we have become Manchester’s number one choice for Shirt Alterations and Restyling. Visit us for a complimentary consultation and let our highly trained tailors determine what alterations are necessary to improve the general fit of your shirt. We can perform any type of shirt alterations including sleeve shortening, tapering (narrowing) the sides, adding darts, shortening, narrowing shoulders and any other bespoke work you would like us to carry out. We believe that it's the quality workmanship that makes all the difference that is why we never rush the work and always pay close attention to making sure the finish is original. Our award-winning customer service, meticulous attention to detail and reasonable prices is what makes us the leading specialists for Shirt Alterations in Manchester.  

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Alterations Boutique Manchester is a quintessentially British company that complies with all rules and regulations to provide peace of mind to our clients. We have a comprehensive insurance policy in place that covers your garment whilst it is in our possession.  


The Team

All our tailors are fully qualified to perform any type of mens alterations. Despite that, we offer our team regular training to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and value for money.  



When it comes to Shirt Alterations, we believe in charging our customers fair and reasonable prices, therefore, we undertake regular research to ensure our rates are moderate. We appreciate that you would like to know in advance how much the costs are going to be but as shirts can vary with regards to type of seam (i.e French seam, Flat Felled seam), type of cuff, hem gussets, fit and detail we prefer that customers visit us so we can provide a free, accurate and no obligation quote. At your appointment, we will provide you with a breakdown of costs so you have a clear understanding of what you are being charged for and do our best to make sure we quote within your budget.  Please book an appointment by clicking on the link above or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.