How to get your wardrobe ready for spring

How to get your wardrobe ready for spring

Get your wardrobe spring ready


As the days get longer and the sun is shining, it finally feels like the time is coming to put away the big winter jumpers and get your spring clothes out from the back of your wardrobe. 

When the season changes it can be easy to get swept up into the idea that you need to buy a lot of new items to fit the fashion trends, but that’s not always true. Buying more clothes will just be adding to an already stuffed wardrobe, and you’ll find you don’t even end up wearing half of it! So what can we do to get our wardrobe ready for spring without feeling a need to splurge? Instead of buying things on a whim, prune down your current wardrobe and look to strategically fill the gaps.

Keep reading for some tips to help you strategically plan your wardrobe for spring - no panic buying needed!


Get rid of anything that no longer fits you

The first thing to do is get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you anymore. Get out all of your clothing and anything that doesn’t fit you anymore be brutal and get them out of your wardrobe. The chances are you’re never going to wear them again and they’ll just sit in your wardrobe causing more clutter than you need. 


If you’re looking to make some money and the clothes are in good condition you could put them on a selling site. Alternatively, take them to a charity shop. If the items are a bit worse for wear, take them to a clothes recycling bank.


If there’s an item in particular you really love and want to keep, it’s possible alterations could be done to make the item fit you properly again. Visit your seamstress to discuss your options.

Remove items that you don’t wear

A lot of us have items in our wardrobe that don’t ever see the light of day. This can happen for a range of reasons: we buy things without trying them on, we think we’ll wear them but we never do, or simply it’s just not our style anymore. 


Similarly to the point above, if you think anything has potential for alterations that is definitely an option. If not it’s time to get rid of the items, whether that be recycling, charity shop, or selling them online. 


Look for some inspiration

Once you’ve got your existing wardrobe trimmed down, it’s time to get some style inspiration and fill in any gaps you have. To do this it’s important you look for inspiration in the right places and not just buy something because everyone else seems to like it. Here are some tips for looking for inspiration:


  • Know your body shape and what looks good on you. This will make it easier to get inspiration from people with a similar shape and style to you.
  • Find your fashion heroes - this doesn’t have to be celebrities, but can be anyone in your life! You can also look on sites such as Instagram or Pinterest for easy to find inspiration.
  • Go old fashioned and look through magazines, there’s normally a few different images in there as well as informative pieces that tell you where everything is from.

Getting your wardrobe ready for spring doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Remember to not get sucked into the trap of feeling the need to buy lots of new stuff if you really don’t need it. Follow these tips and you’ll be ready for spring before you know it.


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