Summer items you can adapt for autumn

Summer items you can adapt for autumn

Four summer staples you can wear in autumn

As the seasons change we have to suddenly completely rethink what we’re going to be wearing. Gone are the denim shorts and summer dresses, it’s time to get your head into autumn clothing. While the sun is gone it doesn’t mean all the clothes you’ve been wearing need to be. In fact, you probably have a lot of items you’ve been wearing this summer that would be perfect for autumn as well, you just need to know how to style them. Keep reading for four summer staples you can wear in autumn and how to style them for the cooler weather.

Strappy dress

Instead of going out and buying a long sleeve dress to wear, why not re-use the strappy dress you’ve been wearing in summer? The easiest way to do this is add a turtleneck underneath it, adding a layer of warmth but looking stylish while doing so. This way you keep the fitted style and don’t take too much away from the dress by hiding it away. You could also opt for wearing a jumper on top to change the look of it and wear the dress more as a skirt.

Mini skirt

While your mini skirts might feel like a summer staple, you can definitely wear them throughout autumn as well. You’ll be chilly if you have your legs out, but all you need to do is add a thick pair of tights underneath. Pair the skirt with a chunky jumper instead of a strappy top and throw on some boots and your summer skirt is now the perfect autumnal piece. They’re also perfect for dressing up or dressing down, so they can take you from morning till night with a few style changes.

Maxi dress

Although you might think your maxi dresses are reserved for summer, they actually go great with a big chunky jumper on top of them for autumn too. With them being full length as well they do actually provide some good coverage to keep you warm, and it’s easy to pop a pair of tights underneath if you want some extra insulation.

Denim jacket

Denim jackets are a must have all year round and this is exactly why, they’re so adaptable! For autumn when you’re looking for some extra coverage you can simply just layer up underneath. For this you’ll just need to make sure your denim jacket is big enough to fit items under. Grab your favourite hoodie and pop your denim jacket on top, it’s the perfect combo for a casual autumn day.

Styling your pieces for the season

Rather than rushing out to buy new outfits for autumn, have a look at what you’ve been wearing over the past few months and think how you could adapt these outfits for the cooler weather. 


We often rush out and feel the need to buy the latest items when the seasons change, but with a combination of what we’ve got from last year and adaptable clothes from other seasons, you probably don’t need anything new!

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