Old Blouse Alterations: How To Give A New Look To An Old Blouse

Old Blouse Alterations: How To Give A New Look To An Old Blouse

Old Blouse Alterations

Why buy new when you can give your old clothing a little TLC?

Here are some old blouse alterations tips to get the right look.

It can be upsetting when your favourite piece of clothing starts to lose its sparkle. After all, we’ve all got that one item that has seen us through numerous nights on the town, or one that has given us the confidence to smash a job interview; it makes sense to be a little down about it! However, these days, there’s so much help available to bring our old favourites back to life – your prized blouse is no exception! Old blouse alterations from our Alterations Boutique experts will bring your sparkle back in a whole new way.

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The Design is in the Details: Small Clothing Alterations Make a Big Difference

Clothing Alterations Zip Repairs

Here at Alterations Boutique, we believe that even the smallest clothing alterations can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your clothes. From shortening and lengthening to zip or button repairs, we offer a variety of services to ensure you feel fantastic in everything you wear.

Choosing alterations can help you feel more comfortable in your clothes, renew your interest in old wardrobe items, and is better for the environment than repeatedly buying. This is why clothing alterations and repairs are the best options for a diverse range of pieces, from work suits to wedding dresses, especially for items you have invested in for a special event or for lasting use.

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Introducing: Alterations Boutique Manchester

clothes alterations Manchester

Alterations Boutique Manchester

We are Alterations Boutique, newly opened in Manchester but long-term providers of clothes alterations throughout London and surrounding areas.


Tailoring clothes for years


 With over 30 years of experience in providing clothing alterations our master tailors have the expertise to deal with your requirements no matter how challenging and obscure they may be.

We are located in the heart of Manchester City’s shopping district within the Royal Exchange Arcade, feel free to book yourself an appointment for any alterations you require.

Let’s look at some of the alterations services we have to offer and why we excel at providing them:

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